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Hi, and welcome! Whether you’re a new arrival who heard through the grapevine we had some good-paying hard work in the works (and if you are, please click here right now! 🙂 ), or a representative from the Bank of International Settlements looking to find a way out of the rather sticky wicket you fellas seem to have gotten yourselves into, you arrived here for at least one reason. You probably need to be a part of this in some way, and we likewise need you!

In keeping with our Core Principles (and to keep the folks in the Accounting Department happy), every person who joins our network must make an initial contribution in some measure and combination of their Time, Tools, and Talents.

Got time and a strong back? We’ve got multiple community gardens across the city that need planting (and we’ll pay in a combination of US dollars and local currency).

If you are able to make a cash donation today (and thank you in advance if you do!), welcome to the team!
We’ll keep you in the loop with progress updates, and for those of you looking to make a substantial donation we’d love to talk about what aspect of the project you would most like to see your contribution make a difference with.***

Please join us. We have much gardening and building and creating to do together. Thank you.

~ vasudhaiva kutumbakam ~

The MMEC Core Team

Thank you for your support!

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