About Us

First and foremost, the MMEC strives to be both inspired and inspiring. Our intention is to build new economic systems that enable and empower our members and communities to benefit from our actions, abundantly and equitably distributing energy assets in all cost-effective forms through…..

  • Identifying and measuring community energy needs in food and electricity;
  • Mapping community assets in time, tools, and talents locally available;
  • Modeling system-level socioeconomic transformation on a bioregional basis;
  • Creating and developing a local complementary currency;
  • Building resilient community energy hands-on infrastructures.

Life is energy, in all its many and varied forms. From the calories in the food we consume daily, to the electrons that flow through the wires and devices that power our interconnections, to the massive BTUs contained in the limited and depleting fossil fuels that enable our production of food and electricity, the production and distribution of energy is the central defining characteristic of how industrial civilization is able to provide happiness to all of the human beings that choose to live and thrive in that system.

Happiness is not real until it is shared, however. It is only through cooperation and mutual aid that humans as a species are going to be able to manage the multiple dilemmas from the coming energy powerdown bottleneck needed to achieve renewable energy baseload production. We must develop new tools, technologies, and systems to be able to create and operate new energy and economic systems that are able to provide the basic food and energy needs so as to be able to maximize the happiness of those alive now and our descendants 70 generations in the future.

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